Johanna Hughes Gecamile SCAM Fraud OIL GAS GOLD

Koeln, North Rhine-Westphalia 3 comments
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Johanna Hughes of Gecamile is a total Fraud and Scam Artist. Michael Gardner is her "mandate" and is part of the scam with her.

Search "Johanna Hughes Gecamile Scam" and see for yourself. She has no money and no oil, and never does. She will promise you tomorrow and never perform. She is a time waster and a total fake.

Gecamile (T) Ltd.

Contact info:

Hanna Hughes



P.O. Box 34247, New Bagamoyo Rd,

Mbezi Beach Park,

Dar Es Salam,


Phone: +255 22 262707

Mobile: +255 (0) 764436590

skype: joanne.samantha

Review about: Oil And Fuel.


Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa #692986

Same thing happened to me. Total liar, very sad. Just be careful of her and her "partner" Joseph T Sims.

to Anonymous Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #775718

hello,if anyone have updated contacts of this woman?


Our company was scammed by the famous Johanna Hughes / Hanna Hughes and we have suffered major losses as we were sucked in by her charm. As we move forward we are checking with our legal representatives on how to move forward as this person jumps from country to country and company to company. She needs to be stop as she is very dangerous and all the postings on the internet are 100% correct.

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